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Swole Program - 4 Day Testing Week

Swole Program - 4 Day Testing Week

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Get swole, build muscle, and develop your best looking physique yet with the Swole bodybuilding program.


This testing week was designed to establish your CURRENT one repetition maxes(1RMs). If you don't know your 1RMs or haven't tested in a long time, we suggest going through this testing week so your training prescription is accurate.


The 4 day a week Swole Program is designed to help you pack on size and gain strength with a condensed version of our original Swole Program. This program is great if you respond well to lower volume or need a program that fits into your busy schedule.


Unlike traditional bodybuilding programs, we follow science back strength progressions and use a variety of training tools not only to maximize hypertrophy but to get you as strong as possible in the process. We will be changing lift tempo, working on muscular endurance, and lifting heavy all within the same week.


The Swole Program was designed around the equipment found in most commercial gyms. You will need access to a rack, barbells, dumbbells, machines, and cardio equipment. If you ever need a substitute, our coaches are here to help you out.