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Single Ply Sleeve

Single Ply Sleeve

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The Black Single Ply Knee Sleeves are perfect for a variety of exercises. This will give you great compression around your joint but allows for more movement so they are perfect for training in!

 The elasticated nature of the sleeves gives a great stretch reflex and bounce in the hole, enabling you to lift a few more kilos than what you could manage without them! 


These can be used for either knee sleeves or elbow sleeves depending on the size you have!

Hand wash only (machine wash can cause shrinkage).


To get your measurement/size please measure round the middle of the knee when straight (if you want to use sleeves on your elbow measure in the same way). You will more than likely fall near the top/bottom of two sizes - the choice is up to you - both sizes will be suitable for lifting in, if you have large quads you may wish to go for the larger size.


Heavy Squats
Olympic Lifting
Machine Washability