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The Training App


The training app, where you can follow your programmed workouts, keep track of your progression, as well as keep track of your body stats including weight, body fat %. 
All this in one app!


The workouts!

Once you purchase a workout program, on your profile you will have access to your workout!

Make full use of the easy to use workout tracker, by inputting your weight lifted, reps and sets achieved! 

This app will keep track of all your workouts and tell you when you beat your previous best weights!  

Keeping Track Of Your Weight!

You can keep track of your weight, body fat %, lean muscle mass, all through this app!

If you have a set of smart scales, you can link this app up to fitbit & apple health and it will automatically input the correct data for you!

Once you have the data inputted it will create a line graph showing you the rate of progression.