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Brief Description about each program

  • Swole Program: Get swole, build muscle, and develop your best looking physique yet with the Swole bodybuilding program.

  • Power Program: Experience how you can build the big three lifts (bench press, squat, and deadlift), get stronger, and crush your old PRs with the Power program.

  • Lean Program: Burn fat and get lean while maintaining muscle and strength with the Lean bodybuilding program.

  • Build Program: Build a base physique, learn different exercises and master the form, this program is perfect for beginners, or someone who hasn't trained for a while. 

  • Tone Program: Targeting the full-body focusing on the abs, core, arms, and legs to get stronger and more confident.

  • Bikini Program: Train with confidence and be fit, healthy, and happy year-round. Targeting the full-body focusing on the abs, core, arms, and legs to get stronger and more confident.

  • High-Frequency Full Body Program: Looking to shock your muscles into pure gains after dreaded plateaus? Then consider this high-frequency routine. This program will bring you to the gym 5 days a week, hitting some muscle groups each and every day. It’ll keep your muscles guessing, trigger serious gains, and is solid for intermediates.

  • Upper Lower Size and Strength Program: Beginners gains are great until they start to slow down after a few short months. When that happens, this size and strength program is a good choice This is considered to be one of his most draining programs, allowing you to capitalize on your weaknesses and keep your gains coming.

  • Intermediate-Advanced Push/Pull/Legs Hypertrophy Program: PPL programs are some of the most popular out there these days. With this one, you’ll be in the gym 6 days a week, draining each muscle group directly 2 times a week. After just 16 weeks, you’ll see some serious mass and pure strength as a result of unique high volume training.

  • Fundamentals Hypertrophy Program: Are you a true beginner? Then you’re going to like this program that actually comes with 3 different routines within. Over the course of 24 weeks, you’ll learn the basics of form and pack on muscle mass like never before. This is a great program to start with before catapulting to my more advanced programs.

  • Back Hypertrophy Program :This 9-week back program will guide you toward that coveted V-shape that makes your upper body look massive. This intermediate program is exactly what you need to turn back beginner gains to real gains.

  • Arm Hypertrophy Program: No amount of bench presses or cable rows will build arm mass quite like hitting the biceps and triceps directly. This arm hypertrophy routine will help you to build massive arms that’ll give you the confidence to wear tank tops in the summer. This intermediate program lasts just 8 weeks.

  • Male Shoulder Hypertrophy Program : You know how hard it can be to build those boulder shoulders, no matter how hard you hit the shoulder press at the gym. Luckily, this routine lasts just 8 weeks and will help to sculpt your entire shoulder from the back to the top to the front. It’s time to work on filling out those sleeves.
  • Chest Hypertrophy Program: When summer comes and you want to look good with your shirt off, you have to build pure chest mass. This program will walk you through 8 weeks of brutal chest workouts designed to sculpt and strengthen your upper body. Better yet, you may just bump up your bench press PR by the end of this program.

  • The Comeback Program: This program is perfect if you have had a break from the gym, and need to reintroduce yourself into working out. Created for the reopening of the gyms around lockdown 1.0. This program contains two types of program; a 4 week Push/Pull/Legs program as well as a 4 week Upper/Lower program.

  • The Challenge!: This program is a 8 week transformation challenge, designed for males and females, with the two options of either in the gym, or home style workouts. Follow each step and transform your body!