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5* Rating!

Dixie Rowland - 17/07/2021

Sam has been amazing to work with, he is supportive and knowledgeable. His positive attitude and encouragement make even the toughest work out bearable and I have been so pleased to see improvements in my strength. Sam has made sure to take into account previous injuries and my personal goals so even though the sessions are definitely hard work I always feel I’m really improving thanks to Sam.


Ben Jones - 12/07/2021

I have trained with Sam on two occasions, both with two distinct goals in mind: The first with the goal of bulking up before going travelling, and the second time (a couple of years later) with the goal of doing a clean up to lose some lockdown fat and build some lean muscle. Both times Sam has helped me reach my goals and has kept me motivated throughout. He also knows his specialism inside and out as well as being incredibly easy to get along with. If you put in the work in and out of the gym and put your trust in Sam, you WILL see results.

Rob Owen - 1/11/2020


Have been training with Sam for a few weeks now , nothing is to much trouble and his knowledge is second to none , my training is aimed towards my goals and the increases I have made in such a short time are impressive. Sam is decent trainer who pushes you towards you goals and motivates you to get that last rep in. Cant wait to see where ill be in a few months under Sam's guidance. Would highly recommend Sam to anyone and everyone, you'll be pushed to find a better PT.


Andy Laing - 30/10/2020

Great PT, approachable, knowledgeable and the best PT that works out of Physiques and Shapes, Dorchester, Also does online PT.


I really wasn’t sure how getting back in the gym after a four month gap was going to work out. Sam has been a huge help and provided some much needed motivation as well as the benefit of his own experience. It is really important to have someone who can challenge you in a realistic and safe way. Sam understands the need to start at a manageable level rather than attempting to go all out. He is also really good at ensuring that all the equipment we use is clean and safe. Sam is a great PT.


Thank you Sam it's great to be back at the Gym after such a long break and to see the changes that have been put in to place to ensure every bodies safety, including the constant wiping of any equipment - well done! 😊X


Great to get back to the gym . Sam making me work hard 😓 excellent to see all the equipment cleaned after every use.



Had my first personal training session back today with Sam Gough at physiques and shapes . I was very pleased with the layout and the social distancing measures that were put in place . Sam made me feel very comfortable and was professional in wiping down all the equipment before I used it and then again when I was finished, there was cleaning products all around the gym and a system in place for entry and exit I would like to thank all at physiques and shapes for all their effort to make sure you felt all was put in place to make your gym session feel safe and welcome so if you are thinking about going back or even thinking about starting a gym I would definitely recommend 😃great to see you again !

Jon G - 05/07/2020


I've been training for 8 weeks now with Sam as my PT and he has been great. So far I have lost 11 KG / 24 pounds. He is so helpful and has set me up with everything I need. whenever I have a question or need him, he is always there. Really gets to know your personal situation and what you want to achieve. He is fantastic and I would definitely recommend.


Falcon D - 18/04/2020

Sam has a well balanced approach to training and keeps clients motivated with constant progression.

Emma H. 01/03/2020

Sam has been great from the start, professional, with the patience of a saint. 10/10 despite his annoying habit of standing just out of range when you want to make kicking him look like an accident. Clearly a seasoned pro.

Alan B - 30/01/2020

Sam is knowledgeable and reliable. He takes care to have me work in a safe way while pushing me my limits in a programme designed for me as an individual. I would recommend Sam to anyone.

Jess B - 30/1/2020

I have been training with Sam for just over a month now and being a nurse my schedule is extremely limited and at times unreliable. Sam always manages to work something out with my hectic time table and has created a programme which pushes me but also supports me. I always feel comfortable and I know I’m in safe hands. I’ve never been someone to go to the gym but I find myself looking forward to the sessions as it’s been so good for me to switch off from life for a little while. Would highly recommend.

Colette Harris 20/10/2019

Caters for all ages and abilities - thank god! 😂.
Highly recommend, genuinely nice person.

Sarah Da Silva 24/09/2019

Sam really pushes you to meet your goals quickly. Really enjoyed our gym sessions, can't recommend highly enough, I saw a massive strength improvement. Thanks for the help 💪😜



Eric MCCartney - 14/09/2019

Sam is a fantastic PT, a great guy and has an excellent program that anybody can easily follow and achieve results !

I didn’t think that I’d see such a difference in such a short amount of time. 100% SIGN yourself up💪

Holly Pearce 3/09/2019

brilliant with advice and training pushes u to your limits even if u feel like i can't go on highly recommend



Ellie Powell  20/10/19
I have only been training with Sam for a few weeks now but I’m already seeing results. What I really like about Sam Gough Fitness is he knows how to motivate me, he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.👍

 Sally Wernick March 28/08/2019

"I have been training with Sam for a few months now and my shape has changed significantly. Knowledgeable, well informed and skilled at his craft, Sam is an excellent personal trainer and I recommend him totally."

 Dan Ravenhill 14/08/2019

"Sam is a nice guy, one of the best PT about, would definitely recommend"


 Steve Ramirez Legg 14/08/2019

"Very friendly and very knowledgable in all aspects of fitness"


-Ryan Solway 09/08/2018

"Sam is a super reliable PT and has the patience of a god, he knows what he’s doing and I would recommend him to anyone."

Bekii Anna Oliphant 08/09/2018

"Sam is knowledgeable in so many areas. Super friendly too. Been following his workouts for a while now and they’re always fun and adaptable. Definitely recommend."

Jason Mark Hamblett 08/09/2018

"Sam is 100 percent reliable.he is a awesome trainer.i would definitely recommend sam as a trainer to use.he's never let me down and he's been awesome to have as a trainer."

Chris S - 2018

Sam is a great PT. He's totally reliable, really easy going and down to earth but also really good at pushing you that bit further when you need it. Thanks to Sam's help and encouragement I've managed to do things I'd never have thought possible. And on top of all that we have great fun. Sessions with Sam are always enjoyable. I can't recommend Sam highly enough.

Tim G - 2018
Highly recommended,very knowledgable and very patient a great PT.


Jayne F - 2018

Sam is an Excellent PT he takes time to get to know you and work out fitness and nutrition needs for what you want to achieve